Adventures in Unschooling

Three kids, two buses and a bag full of books.

Posted on: January 21, 2009

We are still all sick from that blasted cold we caught about a week ago but I needed some fresh air and it looked nice outside so I thought, “why not go out?” So I put the baby in the sling and dressed up the boys and we headed to the library.

 We found some good books.

There’s Horton Hears a Who. They have really enjoyed the movie and I thought they should see the book. From Dr. Seuss I also took home The Lorax and The Butter Battle Book.

There is also one called Not in a Box  about a lil’ bunny who uses his imagination to have fun with a box. I also found a pirate book and one about explorer Christopher Columbus. They are all about the pirates right now. And I figured explorers were close enough for their purposes.

The last one is called Canada in Colour. It’s about the defining landmarks of Canada. Like the blue St. Lawrence river etc.


I also found a book for myself. It’s hard to even have the opportunity to look when the kids are with me, but I did find one at least.

It’s called The End of Education. I think the point of the book is to outline how schools have lost their effectiveness/purpose. I’ll keep you posted on what I find.


1 Response to "Three kids, two buses and a bag full of books."

Way to go with acting on your new years resolution so quickly and not letting the lack of a hat get in the way. I really like this new road you’re taking – sharing daily snapshots of your lives and unschooling.

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  • withoutloveweallperish: 50 books for $10!! As a book lover, that sounds like Christmas come early! Lovely library set up, need to set up one of those for myself!
  • theworldismysoyster: Sure. Just none of my kids. :)
  • goobrobinson: Hi! I'd like to seek your permission if I can reuse one of your pictures for my next post? Specifically the second picture.


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