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100 things about me.

Posted on: January 29, 2009

I found this on someone else’s blog and thought I would do it myself:

1. I was born in Quebec (Drummondville).
2. I spent most of my life in Alberta.
3. I hate Edmonton.
4. I wish I lived in a small house on a small plot of land and had a large garden with apple trees, raspberry bushes and strawberry patches.
5. I love being a mama.
6. I have two boys and one daughter.
7. I recycle.
8. I am vegetarian. I want to be vegan but I can’t give up the cheese and butter.
9. I think plastic will be the end of us all and I am trying to replace ALL of my plastic stuff.
10. I was married at 19.
11. This year we’ll celebrate our sixth year anniversary.
12. That will also mark six years together.
13. We had known each other for seven weeks when we got married.
14. He is the best husband I could ask for and I am more in love with him every day.
15. I have always wanted kids.
16. It has always been my ambition to raise my own kids.
17. My mom was a stay-at-home mom.
18. I have always known that I would home school.
19. We are unschoolers.
20. I don’t use products in my hair. Well, maybe three times a year.
21. I use only natural products.
22. I don’t believe in Global Warming but I still care deeply about the environment.
23. I have one tattoo and I hate it.
24. I am the black sheep in my family and so is my hubby in is.
25. I breastfed all three of my kids on demand.
26. I was not breastfed.
27. We co-sleep with our baby.
28. We never let our baby “cry it out. I also feel sorry for babies on “schedules.”
29. We both wear our baby in the sling.
30. I feel sorry for the kids who have to cry all alone in their cribs.
31. I am very sensitive to artificial scents.
32. I hate it when someone smokes close to me or my kids
33. I hate wearing socks and shoes…even in the winter.
34. My first birth was a hospital birth.
35. I hated it.
36. My second was a home water birth.
37. I loved it.
38. My third was a waterbirth in a midwife operated birth centre.
39. I loved it even more.
40. I loved birthing in water.
41. We don’t take our kids or ourselves to the Doc for no reason.
42. I throw away their prescriptions. I use their diagnoses and then find a home remedy for the problem.
43. We don’t vaccinate.
44. I love to cook.
45. I like bland food. I think of it as actually tasting the food instead adulterating it too much with salt and seasonings.
46. I make most of our food “from scratch.”
47. I don’t like eating white flour or processed food.
48. OK, that’s not true. I love crap food but I feel guilty if I eat it.
49. I bake bread every few days. It’s half whole wheat, half whole grain.
50. I am trying to lose weight
51. I love to sew.
52. So does my husband.
53. We rarely use patterns (too cheap to spend money on paper).
54. Sometimes I tear old clothes apart to use them as patterns.
55. I love taking pictures
56. I love crafts.
57. I like scrapbooking. I think that that is probably my only “normal” hobby.
58. I love drawing. I use charcoal, conte, soft pastel and oil pastel.
59. I want to learn to paint with oils.
60. I let my kids watch way more movies than I’d like.
61. I love fruit. I would eat just fruit if I could.
62. I can’t get enough of Chocolate Silk.
63. I try to fill my kid’s playroom with natural materials and fibres.
64. I am addicted to books. I read, read, read. But I also love buying books, even if I don’t read them.
65. I generally dislike most people. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because I feel misunderstood.
66. I don’t go to church.
67. We used to for years but we just don’t buy it anymore. It’s elitist and inconsistent and the people seldom practise what they preach.
68. I love the earth but I hate being cold or too hot. So I tend to stay inside too much.
69. I like playing sports with my husband.
70. I used to live for rock climbing.
71. Now I can never get away or find money.
72. I hate it when mothers say they HAVE to work. You CHOOSE to work. If I lived in your big ass house and had two SUVs I’d HAVE to work too. I live in a trailer because I CHOOSE to be home with my kids.
73. We have fostered dogs in the past but I don’t think we will anymore. They share sicknesses with our dogs, bite our kids and chew their toys.
74. We have a cat we rescued. I love him and hate him. I’d like to pass him on to someone but no one wants to take him off our hands.
75. I don’t listen to the radio or watch TV.
76. I hate commercials but I love movie previews.
77. I miss really good sushi.
78. The avocado sushi I make is only OK.
79. I love chocolate. But only dark chocolate. And only the good stuff not the Nestle crap.
80. I hate large corporations but I shop at them because I am cheap.
81. I hate governments but what can I do?
82. I love dancing.
83. I love music.
84. I love learning.
85. I love going out.
86. My parents are still together.
87. I think midwives are so wonderful.
88. It frustrates me when people blow their money on crap and tell me they’re broke.
89. It frustrates me that I do the same thing!
90. I love authentic ethnic foods.
91. I will try almost anything once.
92. My husband needs a little convincing but he is trying very hard!
93. It bugs me when people structure their kids’ playtimes.
94. It bugs me when people don’t let their kids move, touch or climb on things. How else do they get to learn.
95. I wish I could keep up with my housecleaning.
96. I hate it when people won’t give things away but try to sell everything. How greedy can you get? I donate everything!
97. I don’t believe in Karma but I sure hope it’s real.
98. I don’t think I am a particularly kind person. I try to be and used to be. I guess the city does that to people.
99. I give myself to people easily but I don’t give second chances.
100. I suppose that’s why I have so few friends.


3 Responses to "100 things about me."

Wow, you’re really on a roll. I have one of these in my drafts too… from months ago now. I find it such a good personal excercise and I see a few that are new to me. The one I least expected (not really sure why) was #89.

Thanks for sharing!

Hey any luck on the no plastic toothbrush front?
Out about a non-plastic computer? Wouldn’t that be something.

Thanks for being so honest and sharing this with us.

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