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Posted on: January 30, 2009

The most common response to people hearing the news that we plan on homeschooling is about kids not learning to socialize. Krista from stated in her post yesterday that it took her 18 years to unlearn this “socialization.” Which is basically, if she had similar experiences to myself, bullying.

I was bullied because I was the new kid in an endless string of small schools (my parents moved a lot!). Bullied because I was defenseless because I didn’t have a network of friends dating back to playschool like all the other kids. Bullied for being different and bullied for not having fancy, designer clothes.

Is this really the socialization critics are talking about? Kids are ruthless. A fairly popular friend of mine once told me that he used to be bullied constantly. I was surprised since that certainly wasn’t the case now. I asked him, “really?” And he laughed. He said that they bullied him up until he hit his growth spurt and shooted way past them in height.

Now he was too big to be picked on. The other kids were afraid of getting their butts kicked if they started up with him.

This is awful! This is animal behaviour.

Homeschooled kids, especially unschooled kids develop more compassion for others. They are more mature because they spend much more of their time in the company of adults: parents, librarians, sport coaches etc.

They become more rounded and they excel in every area of their lives. Homeschooled kids tend to do better in post secondary and probably draw much more fulfillment from their future careers.

And as I mentioned in my previous posts, the kids who unschooled had a much better self awareness than the schooled kids. Maybe it’s because they drew their fulfillment from the wonderful things they have accomplished rather than the opinion of their teachers or their place in the pecking order.


dsc03966On another note: Yesterday we made raspberry scones. Yum yum yum.  


 And played with modeling clay. This is Trey’s rabbit.




3 Responses to "Ramblings and fun."

It’s so nice to see how you spend your days with the kids and yeah, I agree there’s no need to so they grow up to be bullies or victims.

Hello new blogger, MB!

Socialisation is a funny argument for schooling etc. Why would I want my child to be “socialised” by a bunch of kids her own age? No. I want her to learn how to be a part of a community from dealing with all ages of people and in a variety of different settings and situations.

I imagine we’ve all had our bad experiences back in the days of school. I, myself was very small for my age and very shy and quiet. That didn’t stop me from being noticed and picked on. 😦 Most school settings aren’t healthy, if you ask me.

Hi, I followed you over from Annie’s blog. Nice to find you. I just wanted to chime in to say I love this topic! Annie knows enough about me to imagine I’m willing to speak volumes on pretty much any subject 😉 but especially this one.

Putting it in fewer words and to the point: public schools are toxic in more ways than could fit in this comment box. The system is failing us all, pumping out hyper-competitive, insecure, disconnected, external-approval-addicted human beings, who then as adults, must channel much of their valuable energy and time either undoing the damage, or perpetuating the social dysfunction that they learned was “the norm”. Those are some pretty exhausting and daunting prospects for one’s future, either way.

Can’t say how thankful I am that we have made this choice for our family. Every day I am thankful.

Thanks for bringing this up, I’d love to hear more about it.

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