Adventures in Unschooling

Family fun.

Posted on: February 2, 2009

On Sunday we slowed down our life and had some good old fashion family time in the home.

I have been reading some alternative parenting books and have been feeling like the need to reconnect and be close is paramount to getting them to WANT to obey.

So on Sunday morning we started with big hugs. Then we played games (a Toy Story memory game and we also played with Perfection), played with bubbles and made some puzzles.

When dad woke up he made them some swords out of cardboard and paper. When they were done he added a layer of paper mache (which turned out super funny since the only flour I had in the house was cracked grain flour). Then later that afternoon the boys and I painted them.

They also helped me assemble the sandwhiches for our lunch and in the evening they cleaned up all their toys.

This toy cleaning business was always a fight. I found an idea in an old parenting book that encouraged us to use a timer. If they finish cleaning before the timer rings they get congratulated. If they don’t clean up before the timer goes they have a time out.

It worked like a charm. I set the timer for twenty minutes and they had the whole room cleaned up in five! They looked so proud. Trey kept jumping up and down saying, “we did it mom!”

Before supper there was a massive tantrum. I told Trey I wouldn’t tolerate the screaming and thrashing. I put him in his room and told him to come out when he was calm. He came out when he was ready, we had a talk and a much better evening.

It is going to take time to reverse the damage we have done but it’ll be better in the end I think.

Then when bed time came we all cuddled in mom’s bed for some reading and flashcard fun. Then they brushed their teeth and went to bed. I sure hope I can find a way to get them to comply without yelling at them. I know they don’t like getting yelled at and I certainly don’t like yelling either.


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