Adventures in Unschooling

Two more book reviews

Posted on: February 6, 2009

In a much earlier post I had mentioned that I had found a book called The End of Education. I told readers that I was going to share my thoughts on it. OK. I never finished it. The author was needlessly wordy and I got tired of reading endless anecdotes about things like religion and communism. Get to the point man! Seriously, I think the book would have been about 30 pages if someone would have cut all the author’s ramblings out.

dsc04048I finished this book last night: Gentle Discipline. All I can say is that the approach in this book is not consistent with what most people consider gentle discipline. They advocate the use of time-outs on numerous occasions (which we have still be using very sporadically and trying to phase out (old habits die hard)). There is even an example of a teenager who constantly comes home past curfew and the parents decide to lock him out one night and let him sleep in the garage. This behaviour was used as an example of logical discipline. This is a bad approach to the situation. Almost like that lady that tied her teen boy to the tree in her backyard overnight because he was sneaking out at night. She woke up to a dead boy!

People sure do some awful things.

I am still working through that Dr. Sears one and I am happy with this one. I have five or six more on hold and I have one called The No-Cry Discipline Solution. I haven’t taken a good look at it but I will be able to start it in a couple of nights. I’ll keep updating.


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