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The last week and a half.

Posted on: February 19, 2009

After getting all of that off of my chest on Saturday morning (after my lastpost) I went on to have a wonderful weekend.

We started Saturday morning by going to the gym in the next town over and letting the kids spend a couple hours in the playarea for their age group. It’s so easy to see the different personalities and it’s not at all hard to infer which kinds have no siblings and which kids are spanked and which kids don’t have a positive home environment.

Joel, my youngest son, did get into a couple fights but they resulted from his persistence to stand his ground. The other kids were clearly in his face, pushing him or trying to steal his toys.

I did have to get Trey to calm down at one point because he kept trying to play Star Wars with the others and they weren’t pleased at all with the physical contact. I pulled him aside and told him that the other kids didn’t like that and that they didn’t understand what he was trying to do. He stopped after that and played much more gently.

Afterwards they wanted to rent movies so we went to the video store. They each picked a movie of their liking and then we went home and relaxed.

He also stayed dry all day! YAY!

That evening I finished the Dr. Sears book I was working on and although I won’t do all the things he demonstrates I have really enjoyed the book. I especially enjoyed the parts about the developmentally correct behaviour. It’s frustrating when Joel is so independent that making him hold our hand near traffic is enough to launch him in a tantrum but it is comforting to know that that is normal two-year-old behaviour and that this too shall pass. It also helps us to be more understanding to his negativity when we know that it is normal, unavoidable and just a phase.

I finshed reading Playful Parenting last week. I keep thinking that play is important but when they are doing so well I don’t think to interfere. I am making a more of conscious effort to join into their play. One night Joel was fussing about having to brush his teeth and so I started singing that Raffi song about brushing your teeth while brushing my teeth and this was entertaining enough to get him to brush his own.

My husband and I have also had lots of time to talk about parenting strategies and our new direction going opposite of Dr.Dobson. Since we used to go to church he was the first parenting influence we were introduced to (besides our own family who disciplined us the same way). My husband, like myself, has come to realize that Dr. Dobson is wrong on most things.

For example, he states that when you establish a habit of dealing with bad behaviour through time-outs and spanking (basically coercion) you reduce the risk of hitting out of rage. I disagree. We have noticed that when we are really mad we don’t react rationally and spank more than we would have if we were calm. Establishing a no negative contact rule will keep them and us much safer. This doesn’t stop us from getting mad but we know we’ll never go to far.

Dr. Sears also states in his book The Good Behaviour Book that a studies done on University aged students and criminal showed that the children of families who spanked were more likely to hit their kids, their spouse and/or engage in criminal behaviour.

We were out enjoying some science fun earlier today and had to leave early to come home for a showing on our house.

We didn’t get any showings, as expected and that was a relief to us as we really didn’t want to do this in the first place. Oh well, at least my house was clean! The worst part of the weekend was coming home to a broken computer.

Throughout the week we had lots of art time, song time and bedtime reading time. The boys are reading through Peter Pan with their daddy every night.




 On Family Day we went for a nature walk at a local park. We also built ourselves a Thankgiving Tree. It’ll be our own little family tradition.dsc04211dsc04250


 In tomorrow’s post I’ll share what I have been reading and my opinions on that front.


2 Responses to "The last week and a half."

Hey M, that’s a great post! It’s so nice that you have so many photos. I forgot to take any at class tonight and I’ve been overwhelmed with all that’s on my plate that I haven’t even thought about writing my own blog post.

Seems like you had a great week. Love the picture of the little one covered in paint. Too cute!

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