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A weekend for me and some toys for the boys.

Posted on: February 23, 2009

dsc04291wA friend invited me to join her on a trip to Nordegg this past weekend. We spent the weekend sewing and relaxing in the woods at a wonderful cabin/campground called the Goldeye Centre. The staff there accomodated our difficult diets wonderfully and allowed us to sit back and enjoy not having to cook for ourselves.

I managed to make my self a new sling ((one of those really long wrap ones that you have to wrap around your self a gazillion times) thanks to a generous donation from a friend) as well as a slip. I was also able to finish up some projects that had been sitting around my house since before the baby came along.

dsc04272The weather was so nice that baby and I were able to go for a walk in the woods before heading out. I hope I can go next year and without baby. Then I can follow the ladies and enjoy some snowshoeing and cross country skiing!

My friend also taught me how to needle felt. It was easier than I expected and I was able to fix some of the dolls she had made for my kids that my cat had managed to tear up. The one pictured is one I made.


When I came home I expected to come home to a mess since I had left my house a mess before I had even left but my husband surprised me with a clean house. He washed all of my dishes and even vacuumed!

Today I went to a wood store near my house and bought more wood toys for the boys. Here is the outcome:


My hubby wants to get himself a lathe so that he can make these kinds of projects himself but for now a good one is out of our price range. I am getting a better sewing machine (since we both sew and even he gets cranky when my junky one acts up) before he gets a lathe.

It was sure nice to get away and have some time for myself (sort of…I did have my lil’ girl since she is only three months and still nursing). I was quite refreshed when I came home and the boys were happy to see me. It was a good break for us all I think. Well, I think my husband could have done without a break from me.


1 Response to "A weekend for me and some toys for the boys."

We’re so lucky to have K’s that let us run away for the weekend and then clean up the dishes for our return. We had a nice relaxing evening before retiring early. It was great to start the day well rested.

I’m so glad the snow waited until today to fall – clear roads are so much less stressful. And I’m impressed that you’ve already been to the wood store and painted those dolls – those look like some pretty accurate brush strokes in the silver. I’m glad to see you’ve had a good day and are no longer dealing with 1’s instead of I’s.

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