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Kev’s lunch bag

Posted on: February 26, 2009

A quick post to post pics of the lunch bag I made for Kevin.

dsc04341The shoulder strap was his idea.

I wish the fabric was lighter in colour as it makes it look so odd all one dark colour. It would have been fabulous as a light colour on the outside and a darker lining on the inside. Offhand I am thinking light green or purple. Oh well. It’s not my lunch kit.

dsc04343As you can see in the second picture, there is a special pocket for cutlery and there is extra room where his bottle is to toss in an extra orange or whatever. Kevin’s immediate reaction was that there was enough room for a pop can. Oy! I see I have more work to do here. LOL.


3 Responses to "Kev’s lunch bag"

Wow, you’ve been busy! That looks great, and definitely K style. Maybe he needs another smaller water bottle for juice… And the yoga class – is that a neighbourhood thing? That would be so awesome if you could get out and do that once a week. I really miss my old classes but I feel really busy right now.

Yes. It’s right here in the village so I could just walk there.
I think Kevin will have to move his Wed class to Sat and we’ll be stuck in the city for the duration. Oh well…I have to get mine too right?

Exactly. I know you’ve been wanting to get out and do stuff like that and who can beat a class you walk to?! Maybe you’ll meet some other folks you can do stuff with during the day too!

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  • withoutloveweallperish: 50 books for $10!! As a book lover, that sounds like Christmas come early! Lovely library set up, need to set up one of those for myself!
  • theworldismysoyster: Sure. Just none of my kids. :)
  • goobrobinson: Hi! I'd like to seek your permission if I can reuse one of your pictures for my next post? Specifically the second picture.


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