Adventures in Unschooling

Back to good.

Posted on: March 6, 2009

Today has shaped up to being quite a nice day.

The boys have been nicer to each other and we have all been much happier. Yesterday the boys were both at each other’s throats all day and all I heard was one or the other screaming. Hard to find some zen amongst that. But that’s in the past.

The first activity of the day was colouring.

I pulled out this large mirror we had lying around the house and we all enjoyed colouring on it. I used the beeswax crayons that L gave them because I thought that it might be easier to clean than crayolas. That still determines to be seen though.

After lunch they finger painted. The green page was made by Trey pretending to be a spider and he called the final work of art “Spider poop.” Boys are so weird.

dsc04432Then I set up a colour sorting/counting game for them. I found it off of another blog this morning. I think it’s a Montessori exercise.

I have been curious to see what Montessori is. I know it is child-directed learning but so far it seems like it’s based on having to buy special educational toys and basically running kids through “stations.” We are more partial to learning through life experience.

I am not subscribing to any one method of teaching but I do like to steal what I think are the best elements from each method.

So I think I will take the time in the next week or so to look it up online. I don’t think it’ll be my cup of tea but you never know until you look into it.

I am so excited for my quiet weekend in. My sister and her husband (and baby) were supposed to come over but now that she has cancelled her plans on account of the weather we have a clear weekend to relax and be with each other. Maybe I’ll even finish sewing those overalls I started for Anna a couple weeks ago.


1 Response to "Back to good."

Hey M, I’m glad you had a better day today and I hope that the beeswax crayons are easier to clean. That’s so cool that Trey named his finger painting too. What a great title!

That’s cool that you’re looking into Montessori too. I’m not sure why I’m so averse to it but I’d love to hear about what you learn – it may open my mind up more.

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