Adventures in Unschooling

More St. Patty’s Day fun.

Posted on: March 12, 2009

I am just loving No Time for Flashcards. This game idea was stolen from her blog too. Here is our chocolate gold coin hunt.

dsc04491I made up this board and they had to find the coins and place them on the circles. Then we counted them (I can tell my little efforts are paying off because Trey counted the whole thing up correctly.

They weren’t so good at the find coins and needed an awful lot of help but that’s OK. They were still really excited every time they saw one.

Then the best part was eating them. I thought they were gross but the boys have never met a milk chocolate they didn’t like. Ha ha ha.

They are loving that food cutting set we got them. It was the first morning they didn’t come and wake us up after they got up. They both went right into the living room and played with it quietly.

And these days Trey is making me laugh. He keeps saying things like, “Are you crazy?” He isn’t being rude so I am letting slide. It’s more like me asking is he wants oatmeal and him saying, “Are you crazy?” He probably got that from us but I don’t really remember saying that.

And that workout game I bought…wowee! It is hard work. By the end of my first 30 minute workout I was sweating bullets. But it’s also quite fun. I can’t wait to get on it today.


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