Adventures in Unschooling

Learning the alphabet

Posted on: March 16, 2009

I have been working on the Alphabet with my boys for a long time and although they know the song pretty well their letter recognition needs some work.

So, I am starting to do a daily letter. I cut out the letter and make it relevant then we talk about the letter and what sound it makes as well as words that start with that letter. Here is A and B:

Then I hang them on a “clothesline” I put up in the kids room. In the end they’ll have a full, personalized alphabet.dsc04507dsc04508

This weekend I got my new sewing machine. It can do 170 different stitches (including alligators) as well as three full alphabets. Unfortunately it is only uppercase letters so it seems unlikely that we’ll use the cursive one for more than initials.

On Saturday we also went to a small health food store near the University here and I picked up some raw ingredients for making my own cleaners. I am quite pleased with their efficacy so far.

I really feel like women of our generation are being robbed by not being taught how to do more things for themselves. I remember how weird the concept of making my own cleaners seemed at first. Now I am so happy with my involvement in a safer and healthier home.

I really want my kids to learn a simpler way of living. I want my future to have clotheslines and gardens and nature walks and homemade furniture. I certainly hope my kids appreciate the legacy we’ll have left them. A legacy that taught them to care for their bodies and their environment.

On Sunday we discovered a broken window in our hall. It was definitely broken from the inside but we didn’t hear it happen. Oh well, it’s not likely to be the last one with two growing boys in the house.

This morning I woke up in a fairly bad mood. My baby Anna is a little stuffed up right now so she woke up more than usual during the night and decided to start the day earlier than I felt ready for it. Of course NOW she is sleeping. LOL.

Then when I got up with her before everyone else did she had an explosive diaper and I had to change myself and wash her. What a day!

It is going better since then. I am hoping to find some time for exercise and sewing today.

While I was cutting out my A this morning I had some little thoughts.

I was wondering why people feel that kids need to be taught. Sure there are things that they don’t just magically learn (like counting) without us demonstrating. But isn’t the work all theirs anyways?

Take crawling for example. Do we crawl? No. So kids had to learn how to do that all on their own. And even walking. Sure we hold their hands and help to support them but they are the ones that have to figure out how to balance on their feet etc. The work is all theirs. And what makes them learn to walk? The desire to keep up and reach/do things they see others doing. They desire to learn.

We need to be there to offer opportunities for growth but children will learn of their own volition.


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