Adventures in Unschooling

At the park and more.

Posted on: March 20, 2009

Yesterday afternoon we went to the park. The weather seemed alright but it was a bit windy and chilly. GO AWAY WINTER!!!

dsc04549The boys did have fun though.

I didn’t even know that this park was in my neighbourhood. All summer I kept taking them to the other park which was always swarming with older kids. It always made me nervous because they were always brushing past the boys and I was scared that one day one of the them would get knocked off the top or something.

dsc04553Plus, all of those kids makes it really hard to keep track of my kids. This park is much quieter and much nicer for little guys.

We also met another mom there and the boys had another playmate to run around with.

By the time we got back home Joel was crying from a cold nose or whatever. I never did figure it out since he would only whine more when I asked him what was wrong.  It was a pretty rough day and I learned that we won’t be going outside too much until it warms up.


It is a ten minute walk away from our home and it is very annoying to have to listen to my youngest son cry the ENTIRE way home.

I also had a chance to have some away time for myself last night. This was was much needed after yesterday’s day. A couple of gal pals and I went to the local arts centre for a drop in class.

The project for last night was continuous line drawings and sculptures. I made a man on a chair, a flower stem and some other little things I didn’t think were worth sharing.



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