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Yummy in my tummy.

Posted on: March 24, 2009

I have been reading Beyond the Rainbow Bridge that L lent to me. It made me think about some of the fights that we (the kisd vs. the parents) have in our household and how we might be able to prevent some of these with some better routines.

So I am trying to bring some predictability to our homes with some new routines.

Kev and I are also thinking that we will try to wake up 30 minutes before the kids do so that we are a) awake, b) in better spirits and c) already prepared for breakfast so that we can skip the daily morning nagging as they beg me to get them something to eat and drink while I am trying to take care of a baby, two dogs and a husband’s lunch.

I am tired though from waking up to feed baby at night so I don’t know that I really want to get up an extra half hour early. The logical notion would be to go to bed earlier but with my husband’s classes that means I would be in bed before he got home and I’d never get to see him. I am not really keen on that.

Routine wise I am trying to keep morning as a quieter time for reading, learning alphabets, numbers etc., doing crafts and experiments. It will also be the time that we do baking.

Ideally I’d like to save outside time (or a more active time) for after lunch but before snack and have a couple hours after the afternoon snack for doing my cleaning and for cooking supper. We’ll see how baby feels about that.

The night routine will include candle light (no artificial light (or little bits of it)) some wind down time (like stories or cuddling with parents) and then teeth brushing and a bedtime story in THEIR bed (since in ours doesn’t get them settled to sleep that easily).

Of course we’ll have to rework the routine to suit their rythms but we’ll see how this “plan” goes for now.

This is the baking that we did: dsc045872

Two bite brownies. Thanks for the link L.

I added a pecan on top of the these delicious little wonders.

I was having a bad day before these little ones came out of the oven. Now I feel much better.

We also did a couple crafts this morning. It is pretty early for Easter but I thought they’d be cute for decorations.




The eggs are plastic eggs I bought for an Easter egg hunt I want to do with the boys and my nephew at Easter.


3 Responses to "Yummy in my tummy."

I’m so looking forward to reading that book, especially now that I see it’s given you some new ideas. I actually had good intentions last night of going to bed early so I could get up and do active things before starting work. My late night tri training makes it hard but I’m actually thinking of taking a siesta at 4:30. We’ll see how that goes.

I know of others who have the mid day nap with their kids – sometimes they sleep, sometimes it’s more just a rest/quiet time. I wonder if that might work in your afternoon? Another thing I’m finding is that when I do some prep for the next day while making dinner it’s so much easier. Usually that means chopping veggies while the current meal is on the stove. Would that work for you too?

I’m glad you’re enjoying those brownies… they’re sooo good!

I am thinking of doing a quiet lay down while we watch a movie (they are only allowed one a day no matter how short or long the one they pick is).
It’s just so hard to coordinate everyone’s schedules.

The book had some great ideas. We kind of went all out and tried to change everything we were doing to fit what the book said. It didn’t last very long. I still would like to make a lot of changes to our daily rhythm, but it will have to be one at a time. It will be easier for all of us.

I would love to see your Easter Crafts. We are going to start early too!

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