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A new doll for my darling.

Posted on: March 25, 2009

dsc04620I had been wanting to make one of those baby Waldorf dolls for a while now and when I was finishing up Beyond the Rainbow Bridge last night I was inspired to make one for Anna at last.

There were instructions in the book but I had to figure my own variation out because I didn’t want the head and the body to be the same colour. So here it is in progress:

dsc046112And here it is finished:

dsc046131The fabric is synthetic I am pretty sure but it is so soft and warm.

I am pretty happy with how the doll turned out and I can’t wait to make the real deal. I pitched in on an order that L made for fabric to make bamboletta dolls. I am really looking forward to when we can both get a chance to work on them.

The best part though, will be making clothes for the bamboletta.


5 Responses to "A new doll for my darling."

Wow, you certainly didn’t waste any time – with the book or the doll making. I can’t get over the sorts of things manage to finish in a day.

Was BTRB an easy read? I’ve seen lots of discussions that indicate it’s helpful but I think YAYCFT is supposed to have even better resources. I’m about half way through School as a Journey and I’m loving it.

It was an easy read. I did read it all the way through. It was a very sweet book but they did seem to really stick to Steiner’s words with such resolve that I felt like it was religion or something. LOL. But no, there were a few really nice things in it and it encouraged me to establish routines in my home so that my kids can have the comfort of knowing what comes next.
I also liked what they said about TV even though my kids watch very little of it now.
I think you’ll really enjoy it. They also explained why they read Grimm’s tales. I also found a lovely blessing in there for meal times.
I started waking up early and the kids were so happy to be greeted by me and to have their breakfast in front of them. I think it’ll be worth continuing.

And, if you weren’t working you’d accomplish all sorts of things too. My machine is still giving me grief. I wish I could take it in but we just have no time at all these days.

Yeah, it’s weird. When I started on my current book I was somewhat shocked by how much Steiner stuff there was. Then I went and a read s different book by a former class teacher and it felt kind of flat without it. I was surprised and as a result I’m reading the rest of book with a different view point.

Anthroposophy has been my main hesitation with Waldorf – mostly because some people do tend to treat it very much like religion and well, you know my thoughts on that!

I’m glad you found some good information in BTRB and I’m looking forward to reading it too. I was telling Kevin about your posts last night and we realized that both our mom’s always got up before we did to get breakfast and lunches ready. I remember when I wondered why mom would do that (since she’s a late sleeper now) but I think I’m starting to understand!

Another book, which is reportedly similar to BTRB but seems even more “spritual” is Heaven on Earth. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was available at the library but it might feel like reading the same book twice?

Beautiful Doll. Wow, was it hard to put together. I feel pretty unconfident around the sewing machine.

No. It wasn’t too hard. I mostly hand stiched the hard pieces and I used an elastic to hole the head down so that I could stitch onto it.
I think they are meant to be hand-stitched but I used my machine on all the long pieces.

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