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Posted on: April 6, 2009

What nice weather we have. I am seeing gophers and geese and I have even seen a butterfly! I think we are done with this winter at last.

Today was so nice. We all went for a walk. You could actually see water dripping off of snow chunks. Anyways, the kids played at the small playground in my neighbourhood and then we went for a walk around the neighbourhood. We have a pond a couple of blocks over and the boys watched the geese that congregate near it.

Then we quickly went home to get some bread and went back to feed the geese. They seemed pretty grateful since their regular food supply is in rather short abundance right now.


OK, I know that everyone has seen seagulls but I am adding these to my family nature journal.


Here are today’s addition to our nature table.


The little pine cones look like they come from a black spruce but it is such a young tree that I can’t tell for sure.

The biggest cone is from a Lodgepole Pine.

The bark is from a birch. I would guess a Paper Birch but I can’t tell for sure right now.

dsc04786I am so thrilled that the weather is getting so much nicer that I don’t even mind the fact that it is so wet and muddy out there.

Last night Trey tried his hand at embroidery.

I played around a little bit on it before he went to it.


2 Responses to "Wow!"

Wow is right! It’s such a shame I had to work today. We went to the bank at lunch and I was tempted to ride my bike but of course there’s a lot of water so Kev talked me out of it. We went for an hour long walk while our dinner marinated tonight and it was grrreat.

I’m so glad the boys got there time outside too – it sounds like you spent a good amount of time out there too. And that’s so cute that Trey is trying his hand at sewing. It’s only a matter of time before there are three of you battling it out for time on the machine!

Looks lie you had a great day!! I think Spring might have finally arrived here too. We will keep our fingers crossed!

I am curious to know more about your Family Nature Journal. Could you share it with us? I may like to do something like this too. Thanks for sharing your ideas with us everyday!

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