Adventures in Unschooling

A fun day out.

Posted on: May 23, 2009

And what a wonderful, beautiful day it was.

First we went to this celebration (May Day???) at the Waldorf playschool in the city and the boys had a wonderful time. We all got wonderful tans.


The boys replant some Marigolds.

DSC05335wI made Anna a little crown when we were there. Now she truly does look like a beautiful princess. She got her face painted as well.

Here she is making a new friend (with the hat mommy whipped up for her this morning):





The hat looks a little smushed in the picture but it really did turn out fabulous. I am very pleased with it.





The kids were very excited about all of the games and all of the wonderful treasures they got to bring home (more about that in a few pictures.

This (below) is a picture of the May Pole. It was overflowing with kids. I heard that they don’t usually get this kind of a turnout but there weren’t even enough ribbons for all of the young kids.


I loved that they had musicians on the inside of it. There were a couple guitars and a violinist as well. And it looks like there was a flute as well.


This is the finished (potted at home) spoils of the day (minus the bubbles).

The boys obtained the lady bugs and shells and flowers etc. at different stations throughout the event. Trey loves having his own plant. Plus, who can’t help but feel chipper around such a happy blossom?


Then we came back to “the park” for Trey’s T-Ball. It was extra special because it was the first time that daddy got to see him play. Usually his games are on Tuesday nights and Kevin has classes those nights. He also had a few extra fans in the crowd today because Aunt Vicki as well as Grandpa and Grandma came to watch him too.

He is quite the hitter. He has a pretty good batting average for his experience level. Granted he was hitting off of a tee in this picture but I was pitching for him a couple of weeks ago and he was able to make bat to ball contact quite a few times.


Trey waits for his turn to run.



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