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On the farm…

Posted on: June 16, 2009

We spent the weekend on my in-laws farm. It was terrific weather and we spent as much of it outdoors as we could. It was great for the kids to climb on hay bails and look for spiders and run through the tall (semi-tall, it is pretty dry right now) grass. They got to ride in the tractor with grandpa while he fed the cows and the got to throw dirt and rocks and just be boys. They also had a total of three baths because they were getting filthy within minutes of being outdoors.

DSC05551It was quite the treat for my dogs too. They ran and ran and visited the cows and rolled in the grass and slept. They are pretty pooped out now.

And even my wee Anna benefited from all of this. She had lots of fresh air and sunshine. Little tanned babies are so darn cute. I have always thought that people are way too neurotic about babies and sun. If babies could get sun they wouldn’t need Vitamin D drops. And yes, their skin is more sensitive, so use common sense. DSC05522I don’t take my baby out in direct sunlight when the sun is at it’s hottest. But I let her have sunlight right on her head and everything after two or three in the afternoon and before noon. I don’t care what the baby books say, it’s good for her. Everyone needs sunshine, even the wee ones.

DSC05490She also got to play with grass. It wasn’t her first introduction to grass but this is the longest it has been for her and she was pretty happy to taste it and pull on it with her chubby fingers.

My husband is feeling tennis withdrawal because he made me play dirt tennis on his parent’s driveway. Ha ha ha. Oh, my Kevin.

On the Sunday afternoon my father-in-law separated one of his cows from the herd because she was in labour. I had hopes that my sons could watch a calf being born (from a reasonable distance) but things didn’t come to fruition by the time we had to go home.
But overall, we all benefited from the fresh air and it was great to get out of the house.


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Wow, that sounds like a really nice weekend. And clay tennis “courts”? That sounds so good too. I’m surprised there aren’t any pics but I’m developing me imagination so I think I get the gist. Hopefully it’s another sunshiney weekend ahead of us!

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