Adventures in Unschooling

Wonderful milestones that make you feel awful.

Posted on: July 2, 2009

My daughter used the sign for milk for the first time today.

Apparently she squealed at her dad then signed it. Then he asked her if she wanted “milk” and she smiled and did it again.

I just hate that I missed it.

But on the other hand, if Kevin’s application goes well he could be away from his kids for six whole months while he is in training. Is it so bad that I give up my job so that he can have good quality time with his kids before going?
No, I think we’ll all appreciate this in the end.


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  • withoutloveweallperish: 50 books for $10!! As a book lover, that sounds like Christmas come early! Lovely library set up, need to set up one of those for myself!
  • theworldismysoyster: Sure. Just none of my kids. :)
  • goobrobinson: Hi! I'd like to seek your permission if I can reuse one of your pictures for my next post? Specifically the second picture.


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