Adventures in Unschooling


Posted on: September 7, 2009

This is what we were busy doing of these busy weekends.


This here is our roof completely opened up. We were getting some massive leaking and rotting so we had to replace the whole section of the roof. New beams, new insulation, new drywall, new paint, new shingles and roofing tar etc. etc.

The roof was so disintegrated that my a beam broke apart and my dad fell off of the roof. Lucky for him he is pretty fit for his age and was able to bounce right back up relatively unharmed.  


Once the men put the roof back on they started removing the mouldy drywall. This was what was under it:


People don’t usually believe me when I say that the whole house (ceilings and appliances included) was painted this blue colour. Here is the proof.

And drywalling over walls instead of removing the old material to replace it with the new was sadly this guy’s philosophy on carpentry.

You should have seen the layers we had to dig up in order to lay our laminate flooring.

DSC06473Here is the almost finished hall way:

But all in all it was worth it because my roof no longer leaks when it rains! Yay!

I was on the Crafty Crow blog a while ago and they had a craft that made reference to the Color Me Katie blog and I found her blog so inspiring. Not only for the activities and crafts but for her joy and desire to live impulsively and to make people smile.  It has got me thinking of little ways that I can bring joy to the world around me. I am not having any great ideas so far.

And for my version of a little Color Me Katie craft:



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