Adventures in Unschooling

New lease.

Posted on: September 10, 2009

This parenting thing is so hard.

Don’t get me wrong, my kids are a tremendous joy but yeah, really hard work.

After fighting with my son all day on Sunday and completely ruining all of our moods we decided to simply give up.

We have always wanted our children to be strong willed and confident and I don’t think we are acehiving that end by punishing Trey like we have been. It is likely to crush his spirit. It’s not worth temporary obedience!

Instead of getting angry over yet another pair of soiled pants we are going to show him how to take care of his own laundry. He puts his wet pants in one of our laundry baskets. There’ll be no shame because he will be able to get himself all cleaned up when he soils himself (meaning he doesn’t have to come and tell us). And because we will be seeing less of it, we won’t be getting so angry.

He is even scrubbing his own shorts. And he is excited to do it. When the novelty wears off and he is tired of cleaning them up I imagine he’ll stop soiling them. In the meantime I am not scrubbing poop and that is a good compromise for us. There are no hard feelings. I don’t get mad or disappointed. I just ask him to go to the bathroom to clean up.

No more tears and no more high blood pressure.

Some people may find this terribly innapropriate but he is enjoying washing his poopy pants and I think it is a learning opportunity. He is learning that when he poops himself it is very frustrating for us to have to clean it up. When the novelty wears off and he gets tired of washing his pants I imagine he’ll try hard to have more control.

We are also letting him wear diapers at bed time if he wants them. This way it protects his dignity. He can have a cozy sleep in a warm, dry bed.

Earlier I said we had a bad day. It wasn’t all bad. We went shopping at the art store just the boys and I. We bought more wooden people and made some cool dolls. We also made a spaceship (pics to follow).

It was fun for us all to craft together and they truly love playing with their wood people. That and going to bed dressed like superheros. Awww.


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