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The case against organized religion.

Posted on: November 30, 2009

I had drafted this for Facebook but then I couldn’t bring myself to actually post it there. My husband’s family is on my Facebook and they are all Christian and most of them are pastors or missionaries etc. I didn’t want to call down that thunder! LOL.
So I am going to post it here. I have encouraged members of his family to check on this blog to get updates on our lives and to see pictures but they never find the time to check my blog. This always used to piss me off since they find time for other things that have less value than family but for once I am glad that I have a place to share this where they likely won’t see it.
My case:
The church used to teach people that the world was flat. Those who discovered it was not were hailed as liars and heretics. Hated by the church. God forbid we allow our people to accept the evidence right in front of them. No. Let’s just stick to scripture. Scripture with it’s many flaws, contradictions and brutal fables.

The same thing happens with evolution. I haven’t cared to look into it but there is a growing body of scientists who believe that the evidence of evolution is incontravertible. But there is no need to see that as a potential truth. I suppose it only makes sense to believe that God created Adam and Eve. And that their sons married women from a far away (where did those ladies come from I wonder?).

I don’t care either way. I don’t have the energy to invest in the past. I don’t care where we came from. It MAY make my life a smidge less meaningful to think I evolved from pond scum but all it means is that I can enjoy my life instead of worrying about angering some indignant creator. I used to feel guilty for walking on someone’s lawn or for having bad thoughts. Taking a creator, who judges and is bound to punish me, out of the equation allows me the freedom to be me. To have unrestricted thoughts and to obey laws and be nice to my neighbours simply because I want to be. Not because I am afraid not to be.

And I have a bit more to say about truth. We are all supposed to believe that God exhists in good faith because sometimes we get what we ask for. But I have to tell you that the thing I wanted most in the world (involved shielding someone from harm/sin) wasn’t granted to me. This isn’t like asking God to give you a pony, this is like God keeping someone safe.

I prayed every night for a year and I wasn’t rewarded. It would lead me to three possible conclusions: Prayer doesn’t matter. God doesn’t care. Or there is no God.

It took me six years but I have moved through all of them in that order. Why pray if God just does what he wants to do anyways? And if everything just plays itself out as it is supposed to do then what are the chances that there is no creator manipulating things?

And what is the purpose of still born children or people killed by war? I am sure those little ones burning in Christian Hell are so glad that God took them before they had a chance to be saved (I have read that book from cover to cover and didn’t find any reference to “the age of accountability).” I love how religion can exclude people even in death. How Christians can cope with their misfortunes by assuming that it is God’s will and that his infinite wisdom will see them through it without questioning wether or not there is even a creator.

They’ll say the evidence is all around us. I just see the work of nature. Random and unfair. For every beautiful flower there is an eel thing with a gazillion teeth and for every sunset there is a friggin’ mosquito! Nature is beautiful and butt ugly at the same time. As are humans.

And I see corporations dumping crap into our environment, and women being oppressed, and animals being inhumanely raised and slaughtered. And religions allow all of this to transpire. They apathetically allow the genocide (or general abuse) of children oversees while yelling hateful things at gays in their neighbourhood.

All over the world you see the work of religion. Ritual sacrifices, honour killings, suppression of free speech and truth, forbiding access to real knowledge lest people think actual truthful thoughts, women being raped and beaten, animals being tortured, children being bombed etc.

If the church really was the bride of Christ you’d think you’d feel this “Spirit of Christ.” Even once in a while. But instead the church functions as a bandaid. Offering a day of spiritual renewal (singing and praying) and then letting people get back to their TVs and Coca Colas. When I moved to Calgary I immediately started volunteering because that’s what Christians should do right? In all of my volunteer work I have never come across a Christian. I was pretty sure that Jesus called us to be a light, to love our neighbours, to help our enemies etc. Why aren’t they in their communities? I don’t know!

I’ve called people on it all the time and it hasn’t changed people’s perpectives at all. You may hate your boss or watch porn when no one is looking but that’s OK…for you! But don’t be gay, or Liberal (or worse NDP), or vegetarian. They’ll say you are welcome (to be rehabilitated) but no one will talk to you. My old Care Group leader accused me of talking about my diet too much. I don’t remember a single time that I talked about it that wasn’t spurred by a question from her. She was obssessed with my diet! It was always, “why don’t you eat meat again?”

And of course Christians say that the individual sins and you can’t judge the church or God that way but I see this coming from the church as a whole.

I am reminded of the genocides in Native Residential Schools. Those were committed by the church! Not just Christians. The Church!!!

And they’ll vote for Christians even if they are evil, murderous assholes. That’s the church. They support each other. Even if they are ALL wrong. Case in point: The Catholic Church has been covering the asses (even giving assylum) to priest accused of child molestation. I am sure Jesus would have to say something about that.

Then people use the “word” to guilt you into doing stuff. Like singing in public. “God doesn’t care about how you sing…so won’t you lead the service on Sunday?” Excuse me? People look at me weird when I would decline singing in public. We are supposed to have gifts and singing isn’t mine. So I am supposed to sing in public because God wants me to worship him! I can worship in the pews too. And if I asked everyone to join me in interpretive dance during the service how many of them would argue that that is not their calling? Why must they be so manipulative? I don’t see them giving their coats to the needy either. Maybe I am being unfair. But the most generous and accepting people (save for one) I know have all been non-Christians. What’s the deal? Those called to love fail miserably and those who have no moral obligation to do so do it much more effectively. Boggles the mind.

Anyways, this is just a tip of the iceberg of my thoughts from the past two years. I may update this when I feel more calm and my thoughts are more composed.


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