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Productive trips to the library.

Seriously though. Are there any other kind?

I love the library. It often makes me sad though. I think of all of those works of creativity or philosophy or research sitting mostly unused in a city full of people who don’t appreciate them.

We have become a generation of Internet users who want our information to be found quickly, be summarized in as few words as possible and if convenient, accurate or unbiased. Tall order right?

Here’s to all of my fellow library perusers who love books for being books!

I also love my dress form, my new yellow sweater and my many unfinished sewing projects. You know, the ones you start during a moment of inspiration but rarely find the time/inspiration to finish.

I have more of those than I’d care to admit. The problem with this pink top is that my machine started eating the fabric when I was trying to insert some darts on the sides. So frustrated I set the whole thing aside about a week ago and I haven’t picked it up since. 😦

I have to figure out what’s wrong with it since the needle is new and everything has just recently been cleaned.

And the last thing on my list of things I love today is my newly replenished acrylic paint stock. Doesn’t it look so cheery?

Hope your day is a colourful as mine was!


I just wish it was my own.

I haven’t been writing because I have been struggling with feelings of inadequacy and guilt as a parent over the last week. I have been losing my temper too frequently and have not been considerate of the needs of my children often enough.

I get exhausted and frustrated by the constant busyness of having all of these little independent bodies causing so many messes and getting into so much trouble. The lack of quiet in the house makes it hard for me to find my emotional centre and recalibrate myself. Sigh…

But this post isn’t about lack of growth, it’s about growth.

We have been growing seeds.

Below are the sprouts of a kidney bean, a black eyed pea, a pinto bean, a lima bean and a chickpea.

The ones at the bottom are the kidney and lima close up.

My husband went to work late yesterday since they have varrying shifts (to get the most coverage of stakeholders) and had time to join me on my day out with the kids. He wanted to show them the amusement park at the mall and that turned into him wanting to take them on some rides. So we bought the boys a day pass and I spent the day taking them from ride to ride.

I took some pics on Kev’s cell phone since that’s all I had with me but I can’t find the cable to let me download them from his cell to my computer. When Kevin did come home from work yesterday he brought my digital camera with him but because I wanted some quiet time since the boys were nagging and whining every time I wanted to take a short break to run an errand and I still hadn’t accomplished what I had went to the mall to do in the first place.

So I let Kevin take them on more rides and left him in charge of the camera. I won’t go into details but he used an incompatible setting and I was left with one good photo. If I could figure out where the cable for his cell phone is I might be able to download some more but for now, this is it.

But the boys had a great time. And it was their first time going to an amusement park and they handled all of the rides they were allowed on like pros.

It was exciting to see them making these steps.

And Anna, she loved to wave at her brothers when they swung by. A good day overall except that I didn’t find what I was looking for at all! But oh well, not like I really have money to blow right now anyways.


Yesterday I made up these coloured ice cubes and put toothpicks in them. They froze for 24 hours and then this morning I made little pirate boats for the kids.

As cute as they were, they were way too small. If I did this again I would made a much bigger base and a much taller sail.

When I did put them in the tub they flopped over instantly and melted much too quickly. It was pretty fun though.

And this morning I was looking out of my gloomy, snowy window and was determined that I needed more sunshine!

So, since I couldn’t literally make it shine I thought I’d make it more sunny in here in the only way I knew how.

Yes, yes. I am talking about window sun catchers.

They would be much lovelier if the sun was shining but it is still a cheery addition to my kitchen.

The beautiful star was made by my friend L.

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All in a Friday. Ha ha ha.

I stayed up late last night doing dishes and laundry. With just a couple things to do today I was free to think up of all sorts of activities to do with my boys.

Trey and I looked through one of his science books (a gift from a friend) and found many, many ideas for today. And we even started a couple for tomorrow.

This book is very good. Thanks M!

Back to the topic though.

Here are the boys’ experiments for the day.

Fingerprints. Now we’ll have them on file if they ever get in trouble.

Just kidding.

But Trey thinks that because he got his fingerprints done he can be a police officer.

While that isn’t exactly untrue it’s not a guarantee. Especially when mom is the fingerprinter.

My house was filled with roawrrrs and giggles this morning as a result of this activity.

Always a good one for boys I think.

And the last activity was our witch’s brew.

This recipe called for adding dish soap to the vinegar. I had never heard of that before but it makes a wonderfully foamy…foam?

I added food colouring as instructed and even added some sprinkles. You couldn’t really see them in the foam and you can’t see them in the picture but they are there and they are magical for what it counts. 🙂

I am excited to see what else the day will hold. I was hoping to get out but we have a weather warning of freezing drizzle. I think I will skip the roads and stay home in my PJs instead.

…is driving me crazy these days.


…I love her!

So Trey has started playing video games. Playing might be stretching it as he hasn’t finish a single level of anything but he loves to play LEGO Star Wars on the PS3.

Yesterday he was on the boob tube for about two hours and I was desperate to get him doing something else. The good news is that he stands while he plays so he isn’t totally vegetating.

Anyway, I knew I’d need something really interesting to distract them.

Hey, why don’t we take our water colour crayons and draw on ourselves?












Mission accomplished!



    • withoutloveweallperish: 50 books for $10!! As a book lover, that sounds like Christmas come early! Lovely library set up, need to set up one of those for myself!
    • theworldismysoyster: Sure. Just none of my kids. :)
    • goobrobinson: Hi! I'd like to seek your permission if I can reuse one of your pictures for my next post? Specifically the second picture.