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Winter and “resolutions”

Posted on: January 3, 2010

I hate winter but I feel like my kids aren’t really getting the full extent of the winter experience. Mostly because I hate winter and it’s been so frigid this winter so I try to stay in whenever I can.

So I looked at the suggestions in the I Love Dirtbook and found this peanut-butter-bird-seed-pine-cone-craft-thing. I have seen these before and last year we did a variation of one. But you forget right?

So I thought, “Perfect!” Indoors-y and outdoors-y. My kind of activity.

Here are two or our three pine cone bird feeders:

Everyone talks about resolutions these days. I don’t really have resolutions. I’d say I have goals but they are technically the same.

I guess my resolutions/goals for 2010 are the same as they have been every day of 2009. To work at being a less irritable, more supportive mother. To be more compassionate, less distracted and more cooperative.

I have come a long way from where I was but I still see a long way to go.

Another goal is to lose weight. I haven’t lost an ounce since Anna was born 13 months ago and I am starting to get depressed.

And, this ties in with the previous one, I want to devote myself to a whole foods vegan diet. We have been sort of doing this for a while but when I went back to work we started cheating big time. Now it’s time to start baking my own bread and eating more vegetables again.

And the last one is related to our finances. We aren’t in want of anything yet we spend money on items that take up valuable space. I am hoping that 2010 will be the year we learn self-control over our finances. Stick to our budget (what good is a budget you don’t adhere to?) and pay off our credits. We don’t have lots of debt but we don’t earn that much income overall so…

We are expecting so many changes this year. My husband is almost half way through his application process for becoming a police officer. When he gets that all wrapped up he will be leaving me for six whole months. So that will be a big change. When he is done his six months of training we will be moving to another part of Canada and we will be starting over from scratch. New house, new friends, new grocery stores etc.

We are very excited about these changes but there will be lots of adjustments. I will likely be celebrating Christmas/winter solstice in a totally new place this year. And I have no idea where. Ha ha ha.

I am looking forward to the adventure though.


1 Response to "Winter and “resolutions”"

I totally get the whole not liking winter thing. I would rather stay in where it is warm and cosy too:) I am trying to get out with the little one more so we have scheduled Thursdays as our nature walk day and we are trying to get outside once a day weather permitting. It’s been cold here. I also need to get outside it helps my moods lately.

Thanks for sharing your goals for the year. We have a lot of similar ones. We go off track on our whole foods diet too, so I am hoping to get us back in shape now that the new year is here!

Happy New Year to you and your family!

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