Adventures in Unschooling

Boys haircutting tutorial.

Posted on: January 5, 2010

When you have kids you don’t often feel like shelling out the dough to get your kids styled at a salon. Understandibly so. But some home haircuts can turn out looking so unnatural.

Here is a short tutorial on cutting a boy’s hair (I’d love to cut a girl’s but my baby girl still has very short hair and I won’t be cutting that for a while) :

Make sure you have a sharp pair of scissors. And to manage the hair more effectively, cut cleaner and preserve the blades you need to wet the hair before starting.

You want to pull the hair between  your fingers. But you want to do it from the centre to the edges. NEVER horizontal. Doing that will cause “stairs” in the hair and will look weird.

If you cut just above your fingers you get a shorter cut. If you cut a centimeter or two above you get a longer cut. I usually do a bit longer in the front and then right up against the fingers in the back. And if the boy has a swirl in the back, I cut that short so that it doesn’t stick out too much.

You want the hair lenghts to blend properly or else the hair will look mottled. So when you are cutting you want to grab the same pieces of hair from slightly varriant angle etc. to make sure that the cut is uniform.

No doubt you have seen your own hairdresser do this.


The ears are the hardest part. I don’t usually do them last because it requires accuracy and the longer my boys are in the chair the more wiggly they get.

Brush all of the hair down towards the ear. Using the tip of the scissors cut snippets of the hair out. You don’t want to try to cut across as that often results in overcutting and unflaterring angles. Just slowly snip at the small portions of hair. Try to follow the natural curve of the ear.


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