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Candles help

Posted on: January 6, 2010

I can’t afford the beeswax pillar candles but I still like having candles as part of my morning. It helps me to wake up more gently and seems to put everyone in a better mood.

Since my home made candles were such a failure I caved and bought some premade ones when I was out last night. This is our new arrangements and it is the best one yet. 🙂

There is nothing like watching all three of my little childrens eating their breakfast by the glow of candles.

And I really needed the extra little bit of peacefulness this morning.

Joel is sick and we were awoken abruptly this morning by him throwing up. So I am very tired and a little cranky…not at anyone, just in general. I could have used that extra little quiet time this morning to orient myself. After I write this blog post I will try to find a few minutes of solitude to do just that.

Anyways, I transfered some of the accorns and seashells etc. from the previous arrangement to the new plate. Here is a close up of the front:


2 Responses to "Candles help"

I hope your day got better M and I hear you on the gentle light of candles. I’m loving my salt lamp for similar reasons but the flicker of a candle flame is even better.

It’s unfortunate that your first batch try at candlemaking wasn’t as successful as you had planned and now I wish I would have pushed ou to look for instructions on-line. I suspect something may have been lost in translation when I went to that book or that wicks are that much better than they were 40 years ago. It could also be that your candles needed curing time. A newer book, “All Year Round,” suggests that new candles should always be left for 24 hours before being lit. When I dipped mine we were instructed to freeze them if we wanted to use them in the next few days.

I still think you should try again but it may be easier to purchase wicks and if you want to get the boys involved, rolling beeswax sheets can be fun. The ones I made for Candlemas lasted much longer than I had expected. Candlemas is coming up on Feb 2 so I would expect the school would be doing something for it.

I hope this illness passes quickly and doesn’t infect everyone and that tomorrow morning is more peaceful.

I was thinking of visiting that candle store on the west end here. Maybe they’ll have some affordable options. My sister-in-law’s parents have some bees and they basically just store all of their wax because they don’t know what do with it. I asked her if she could ask them if I could have it and she never got back to me (surprise, surprise).

We were better. I did get a migraine this afternoon though. I need more sleep.

Thanks for your comments L.

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