Adventures in Unschooling

Babies and sleep training.

Posted on: January 21, 2010

There are many practises and trains of thoughts on this one issue alone. Not as many as there are on birth but still plenty!

And we are finding ourselves drifting to the “dark side.”

After many, many, many nights of being regularly awakened between one to six times a night by our little Anna we have started to think about CIO. Otherwise known as Cry It Out.

People can get pretty desperate when they are tired.

So, today I was talking to a friend about my temptation to try CIO with Anna. Now, this is a friend who understands. Her baby (exact same age as Anna) has been struggling longer than I have with a baby that has an even more distorted sleeping (or non-sleeping) nighttime pattern.

I don’t even know how she has survived. I would have cracked and been hauled off to the giggling academy a long time ago.

And this friend did me an enormous favour. While supporting me in whatever decision we arrived at she also offered a link to a very interesting blog post about CIO:

This was so encouraging. It reflected all of the reasons why we have NOT let her CIO before and it was nice to have a refresher. Check it out. Please.

Dr. Sears doesn’t encourage sleep training. Instead he uses the term “nighttime parenting.” I think a paradigm shift is required here. Why should we all of sudden stop responding to the needs of the child just because it is dark outside. Just silly!

And as a aside. Here is a post on circumcision:

I am always against male genital mutilation. If your primary reason for circumcising your son is so that he looks like his dad or because of cultural reasons, then please, tell the child’s father for me, “GROW SOME BALLS YOU INSECURE PUSSY!!!”

And if you are responding to all of that bad science about HIV transmission being reduced by genital mutilation then you should watch the video.

And it’s pretty common knowledge that sensitivity is reduced in circumcised penises. I don’t think parents should make decisions like this for little ones.

I won’t even pierce my little ones ears because I don’t want to hurt her and break that trust. When she can understand the reason for the pain, she can get her ears pierced if she should CHOOSE to. It all comes down to respect!


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