Adventures in Unschooling

Craft time!

Posted on: February 10, 2010

First thing this morning I decided to show the boys how to make fossils. They are fascinated (at least Trey is) about bones and fossils and dinosaurs and I thought that making a fossil would be a great way to talk about how dinosaur fossils were made. So here is our fossil:

I’ll post more pics when it is dry.

Then they wanted to do more crafts so we did some stamping.

Here is a stamp pad I made with a piece of foam and an ice cream pail lid:

The kids liked the stamping and then they used their hands. It was Anna’s first craft as well! She sure loved being involved and she liked getting her hands dirty. She couldn’t keep her hands out of the clay when we did the fossil activity either. Ha ha ha.

And now the kids are watching the Shallow Seas episode of Planet Earth and that makes me very happy. Today is starting out to be pretty productive. Let’s hope for it to carry on.

As I was writing this the boys got into a huge fight and started hitting each other. I had to get Trey calm. He kicked and screamed for at least 10 minutes but when he calmed down we had a long cuddle and I think he is feeling much more cooperative now. 

I can see how so much of my strife with the kids is actually my doing. I really need to give them cuddles and talk to them in a way that makes them feel loved. It’s no wonder they have been so hostile lately.


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