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Fido goes raw

Posted on: February 25, 2010

I bought Ani Phyo’s book ani’s raw food kitchen and in it she talks about how she picked up this sickly rescue dog and nursed it back to health on a raw vegan diet.

The dog is now at the correct weight and has a coat so shiny that all of the other owners of the same breed can’t help but come over to pet hers.

We have been feeling guilty about buying our dog grocery store food for a long time but we couldn’t afford to be spending close to $50 a bag for dog food at the doggie health food store. Especially with a Labrador that eats a lot.

But now we can put our dogs on a 50% raw diet (for now) and use up all of the leftover pulp from my juicer etc. as a base. I add some herbs, nuts and garlic and, yum yum, I have doggie food.

It didn’t take very long for my dogs to swallow up their first meal.

The problem with dog food is entirely found in its processing. The ingredients are often of poor quality, the heat that the food is processed at kills the nutrients in the food and there are not really any regulations on the additives and preservatives that manufacturers can add.

Sounds yummy doesn’t it?

You can read more about it here:

Since vegan diets can reduce the rate of cancer etc. in humans it isn’t unreasonable to conclude that this diet could increase the life expectancy of my dogs.

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3 Responses to "Fido goes raw"

It’ll be interesting to know how that goes long-term. Have you read this info on the Raw Guru site?

This one’s also quite informative, pro vegan pets, though they seem to rely heavily on processed soy products and supplements.

An interesting topic. Thanks 🙂

You have to ease them into a raw diet. And even if I can get them to go 50% raw that would still give them all the cancer fighting benefits of veggies etc. without the “experimentation” of giving up dog food altogether.

Even the 50% is going to be an easing in period. They had really stinky gas last night so I am going to cut it down to 25% for today. 🙂

Thanks so much for enjoying Kanga’s Favorite Pate recipe. Yes, she was healed on 100% raw foods diet, but was transitioned slowly over a few months. I have another book! my new book will be available April 1, Ani’s Raw Food Essentials. it’s a huge book with over 250 recipes and is my first hard cover. I was just drop shipped an early copy yesterday, and it looks awesome. Always so different to hold the book in my hands in print. I hope you’ll check it out and enjoy it too!

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