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Posted on: March 23, 2010

I have been feeling like I haven’t written a heavy post in a long time.

Our family has been, and still is, in some major transitions with work. It has certainly made it more difficult for me to find the time and the state of mind to write the kinds of posts I want to write.

Guerilla Homeschooling has this story about how the bestselling homeschooling textbooks dismiss the theory of evolution and the work of Darwin.

Now I don’t really care what you choose to believe but how much preparation are you giving your kids for the “real” world when you are teaching them to discredit the only credible theory on the origin of life.

I don’t care very much about how we were created and as such I haven’t read much on it and haven’t formed an opinion. But would I purposely teach my kids that the prevailing scientific idea of the creation of the life is a lie? And I don’t really care if you think that creationism is a respectable theory. The truth is that it only holds water (and even there barely) if you already prescribe to a certain set of beliefs. Without that foundation, the theory of creationism, has more holes in than a sieve.

This is a perfect example of why people think homeschooling will hurt kids. It isolates them from “bad” influences and makes them naive to the world around them.

I don’t unschool my kids to protect them but rather to liberate them. To let them learn about what they want to and to let them see the world as it really is. To learn the uncensored versions of things!

I also have started watching a documentary called War on Kids and while I admit that it is focusing on the most extreme of extreme examples of the prison like state of many schools I am still finding it interesting.

I especially like the part about Ritalin. Anyone who isn’t living under a rock should know that Ritalin cause psychosis. That the majority of violent crimes committed by students against parents and other students have been committed by kids on Ritalin. Pretty much all of the school shootings in recent history have been committed by Ritalined kids.

And Ritalin is meant to fix a “chemical” problem. Or in other words it’s meant to fix childhood joie de vivre. This is the real crime.

Here are the best segments of the documentary:

Four million kids on Ritalin in the US!!!

Basically everything from Episode 5 on is valuable. I really like Episode 8. Nine is very good too.

If you hate reading…thank a teacher.


3 Responses to "Homeschooling"

Usually you are criticizing people for accepting the mainstream without reading up on it for themselves and asking questions, and yet, when it comes to the origin of the world, you are criticizing those who choose to question the mainstream. In fact, you even state that you haven’t taken the time to read up on it and come to an opinion, and then you state that evolution is the only credible theory.

Everyone starts out with a bias – whether the bias is to see God in science and creation or to see it without him.

I am not saying that there should not be question of the theory of the origin of the Universe or of life. In fact, I consider ALL the theories to be silly. LOL. We will never discover that truth via science.

But I think that not teaching the prevalent theory is not a responsible way to prepare kids for life.

It would be like if I decided not to let my kids be taught about Christianity. My father-in-law tells my boys that dead people go to heaven. I disagree with that conclusion (as a heathen barbarian (LOL)) but I have not told my kids that. When they ask me, I say that dead people go into the ground. My f-in-l says they go to heaven. I will just let them come to the conclusion that pleases them. They get to hear both sides uncensored and they will choose to either be like me or like him or maybe they’ll be hindus. I want them to see all the sides uncensored.

And I base my judgement that evolution is the most credible theory on the basis that it is the most prevalent. I am not challenging the thousands of thousands of scholars who pertain that this is what has happened and is happening. But I am not invested in the issue and haven’t created an opinion.
This is probably because I don’t think this is a mystery that we can actually solve.

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