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Nature walk part deux!

Posted on: May 28, 2010

On our nature walk we also found bugs/insects:

And some unusual plants:

 Something that looks like tall asparagus. And I didn’t bother checking the name of the one on the right but I know that it is a water plant and it was found in a moist ditch.

One of these days I will have to look up all of these plants and add them to our nature journal.


3 Responses to "Nature walk part deux!"

Nice! I had no idea you got up to such good fun. Wasn’t it cool last weekend too?

I like that you got a photo of a blue (butterfly) – I only seem to find them when they’re in motion. It’s definitely some sort of blue but my butterfly/skipper/moth knowledge doesn’t run that far.

The plant in the photo beside the one you compared to asparagus looks like one of the many kinds of horsetail to me. It’s very common in moist areas. It’s high in silica and is healthy for all sorts of reason. There’s a woman here on campus who makes horsetail tea. It’s also good for bears because it helps keep their teeth clean. You can use it as a pot scrubber too.

I often wish Bill Gadd’s had a handbook to the boreal forest and prairies. His Handbook to the Canadian Rockies would still be good for you to have but it’s not as relevant. I like it because you don’t have to be a botanist to figure out how the plants are sorted and the mushrooms, mosses, animals and tracks are all included too.

I hope the weather warms up a bit tomorrow so you can get out for another nice walk!

Sadly there will be no nature walking this weekend. It is snowing!

And I have lots of books, I just haven’t had the time to start identifying them.

I have an animal track one as well but it’s a pretty small one. It’ll do for now though.

Hopefully it doesn’t snow next weekend for your shing ding! Plus, I am not keen on snow-pitch! Get it? Ha ha ha, snort!

Sorry, I am in a pretty weird, dorky kind of mood right now.

Judging by the snort at the end of your ha ha ha, I would have to think it is a weird, dorky kind of mood you’re in. Have fun with it!

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