Adventures in Unschooling

About me

I am wife to a wonderful husband and mother to three wonderful children. We are a natural living, unschooling, attachment parenting family. Come join us on our adventure!


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I found you through Tad’s request for day home for Michelle. I don’t know a thing about said “unschooling” but I’m interested in the term. I was hoping to find a description on your site (maybe under about?) but didn’t see one. If you have a chance could you explain it for me? I have a feeling we’re doing it- with no precept that it’s a mouvement of sorts.



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  • withoutloveweallperish: 50 books for $10!! As a book lover, that sounds like Christmas come early! Lovely library set up, need to set up one of those for myself!
  • theworldismysoyster: Sure. Just none of my kids. :)
  • goobrobinson: Hi! I'd like to seek your permission if I can reuse one of your pictures for my next post? Specifically the second picture.


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