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This is what we were busy doing of these busy weekends.


This here is our roof completely opened up. We were getting some massive leaking and rotting so we had to replace the whole section of the roof. New beams, new insulation, new drywall, new paint, new shingles and roofing tar etc. etc.

The roof was so disintegrated that my a beam broke apart and my dad fell off of the roof. Lucky for him he is pretty fit for his age and was able to bounce right back up relatively unharmed.  


Once the men put the roof back on they started removing the mouldy drywall. This was what was under it:


People don’t usually believe me when I say that the whole house (ceilings and appliances included) was painted this blue colour. Here is the proof.

And drywalling over walls instead of removing the old material to replace it with the new was sadly this guy’s philosophy on carpentry.

You should have seen the layers we had to dig up in order to lay our laminate flooring.

DSC06473Here is the almost finished hall way:

But all in all it was worth it because my roof no longer leaks when it rains! Yay!

I was on the Crafty Crow blog a while ago and they had a craft that made reference to the Color Me Katie blog and I found her blog so inspiring. Not only for the activities and crafts but for her joy and desire to live impulsively and to make people smile.  It has got me thinking of little ways that I can bring joy to the world around me. I am not having any great ideas so far.

And for my version of a little Color Me Katie craft:



What nice weather we have. I am seeing gophers and geese and I have even seen a butterfly! I think we are done with this winter at last.

Today was so nice. We all went for a walk. You could actually see water dripping off of snow chunks. Anyways, the kids played at the small playground in my neighbourhood and then we went for a walk around the neighbourhood. We have a pond a couple of blocks over and the boys watched the geese that congregate near it.

Then we quickly went home to get some bread and went back to feed the geese. They seemed pretty grateful since their regular food supply is in rather short abundance right now.


OK, I know that everyone has seen seagulls but I am adding these to my family nature journal.


Here are today’s addition to our nature table.


The little pine cones look like they come from a black spruce but it is such a young tree that I can’t tell for sure.

The biggest cone is from a Lodgepole Pine.

The bark is from a birch. I would guess a Paper Birch but I can’t tell for sure right now.

dsc04786I am so thrilled that the weather is getting so much nicer that I don’t even mind the fact that it is so wet and muddy out there.

Last night Trey tried his hand at embroidery.

I played around a little bit on it before he went to it.

dsc04620I had been wanting to make one of those baby Waldorf dolls for a while now and when I was finishing up Beyond the Rainbow Bridge last night I was inspired to make one for Anna at last.

There were instructions in the book but I had to figure my own variation out because I didn’t want the head and the body to be the same colour. So here it is in progress:

dsc046112And here it is finished:

dsc046131The fabric is synthetic I am pretty sure but it is so soft and warm.

I am pretty happy with how the doll turned out and I can’t wait to make the real deal. I pitched in on an order that L made for fabric to make bamboletta dolls. I am really looking forward to when we can both get a chance to work on them.

The best part though, will be making clothes for the bamboletta.

I emailed the vendor who sold me The Stinky Cheese Man and he said he would refund me for the book but not the shipping. Well, I found it online for $0.01 and the shipping was $7. So I guess the jokes on me!

Anyways, I don’t think I will attempt to buy it again. What I read of the other short stories wasn’t all that grand.

Here is the continuation of my alphabet:


I also made some play dough for the boys yesterday. Trey is playing with it now as I type. I think I will keep searching for a better recipe. The one I used tends to crumble an awful lot. My mom had a Kool-Aid (Yuck!) recipe that I remember held up really well to play. dsc04513

My recipe is much softer than the modeling clay they used to play with so it is still going to be used pretty frequently I imagine.


This morning we also did some string painting. The boys did well with string and feathers for a bit but then they decided that brushes were more efficient and finished their paintings that way.

I would love to get to the sewing store soon. I want to get some quilting fabric so I can make one of those cute flag banners for the kids’ bedroom. I also want to make a quilt since I found a great little tree quilting square on someone’s blog today.

I am still working out consistently (and feeling pretty sore some days). But I am losing weight! I can’t really tell how much since the battery in my scale is kaput but my pants feel quite a bit looser and I think that that is a better indicator anyways. If only I knew how to get rid of that baby belly now. LOL.

Today I start my first yoga class. I am pretty excited. Maybe I’ll even meet a few good people from my area.

We don’t really observe St. Patrick’s Day. In fact we usually don’t even know when it is and always forget to wear green. But I was getting inspired by all the St. Patty’s crafts out there in the blogosphere.

dsc04468This is Trey applying glue onto the shamrocks he and Joel painted earlier this morning. Then we sprinkled sprinkles on them. I then punched a hole at the end of each shamrock and threaded them through a long piece of string to create a garland. I also added green pipe cleaner hearts into the garland for added interest. Then I strung it onto the Thanksgiving tree in our living room. This is a close up of the garland.dsc04472

There are two more leprechaun themed crafts I would like to do. The first is a counting one where the boys would have to seek 10 coins that I would hide in their play area. Then they would lay them on a green piece of paper that has ten circles to lay the coins on. The second is a searching game where they would search for gold coins or yellow candy or whatever in a big tub of green dyed rice.

Both ideas came from this fun blog:


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  • withoutloveweallperish: 50 books for $10!! As a book lover, that sounds like Christmas come early! Lovely library set up, need to set up one of those for myself!
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  • goobrobinson: Hi! I'd like to seek your permission if I can reuse one of your pictures for my next post? Specifically the second picture.