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I have been off the radar these days. I have been really busy working, parenting, working out and occasionally socializing. I am ten pounds away from my ideal weight and I am looking great already! I am down another pant size and am starting to get some nice ab definition. My progress has been mostly documented on my other blog:

But even though this blog space has been relatively inactive we have not. We have done Easter egg hunts. We have played t-ball and both of the boys are signed up for t-ball this year.

We have played tennis and played at the park. We have gone for walks and observed a robin in the back yard. We have shopped, played at the library and built Lego structures.

We have played with buttons: 

And played with markers and loved our “baby.”

And painted:

And actually, we’ve done oh so much more. We levelled the back yard and are reseeding it. When that all comes in we have many plans to be out there for meals and for play.


OK. So I need to rev up my calorie burning to lose the weight that has been sneaking back on since I started working in a very sedentary type job again (I miss the flexibility of home…).

I don’t eat on my lunch hour because I snack on fruits, veggies, salads and nuts all throughout the day instead. So I have a half hour to kill at lunch everyday.


How about I start running at work?

Oh wait. I don’t really have a pair of running shoes.

So I went and got some. I also bought a nice running jacket so that I wouldn’t be freezing my arse off on the chilly days.

Now I need a place to store that stuff.

So I made one.

Here is my gym bag:

I have been keeping that mesh for a long time and finally found a good use for it. The mesh will keep my shoes airing out so that they don’t get all of my stuff stinky. There is also a smaller pocket for my hair elastic, headband and deodorant. I have a towel wrapped in there for wiping myself off a bit (if needed) and for drying off my shoes (if needed).

The shoes are comfortable. I hardly ever come across that. In my attempt to “break them in” I  have been wearing them all day. I went for a run around the block after lunch and was able to finish a full lap without slowing down (which I have never done before). I am sure that has very little to do with the shoes. Just sayin’…

And I also worked up a sweat on the elliptical and trampoline. I’ll wrap up with some core exercises for my flabby mid-section, have a hot shower and head off to bed.

Tomorrow we are hoping to burn up the tennis courts a bit. Weather permitting. We do live in Canada after all.

We haven’t played since it started snowing and now that the snow is almost all gone we are ready for some racquet action. I need to get my racquet re-gripped this year. I am wondering if I would do a good enough job if I did it myself.

I don’t really want to get into it but my husband’s job didn’t pan out and we got strapped for cash and I got the better offer on the job front. I am not happy about. Neither is my husband and neither are my children.

I am not that happy with my work environment. I am working in an office butt up against a shop and so my office environment constantly smell like dirt and dust and it is constantly dirty.

I am also the only female even remotely close to my age (that I have seen anyway) so I have no one to share my lunch with. I had lunch with a woman who was probably 40 years my senior but we shared interests in cooking etc. I don’t feel a connection at all with anyone there.

I don’t enjoy the work either.

 Boo hoo. So sad. Whatever.

It pays what I need to pay my bills and it is an early shift which means I get home early and have more of my evening to myself. I also miss the worst part of rush hour traffic too. Which I am happy about. I still really wish I could have worked closer to home and avoid the horrifying traffic altogether but none of this arrangement is really what I wanted.

I am trying to stay positive. I am trying to put good vibes out and focus on what I want. Which in this case is for us to get our place on the market and sold ASAP and then for my husband to get into his training soon.

The real bad news though is that being away from home means I am not getting to focus on my weight loss like I did and I have been gaining weight again.

This makes me so mad because I spent two months working hard and I lost 15 lbs and now it is all creeping back on.

There is stuff I can do. For example. I can make an effort to exercise at night. I am often busy with everyone else’s needs during that time but I could schedule an hour in there for me.

I could walk around during my lunch. I haven’t been because it’s an industrial area and there are no sidewalks. And it’s been chillier lately too.

My job keeps me at my desk pretty constantly. I don’t even get up for faxes or photocopying.

So I make an hourly trip to the bathroom and use that as an excuse to get up and stretch. I could do yoga in my cubicle but there is a massive window facing the shop entrance in front of my cubicle. So I’d be doing warrior two and some guys would walk by. Classy.

I am actually feeling a little bit better about the job now. I was very miserable for the first half of the week. I have come to grips with my reality now. But I do need to come up with a good strategy to avoid gaining all of my weight back.

I am thinking new running shorts (mine are too big now) and some new running shoes.

My husband has also been bugging me to start hittin’ the tennis court once again. That could be a start. I just worry it’ll be too cold for the kidlets who won’t be running around quite as much we will be.


I will be posting some more positive news soon.

I emailed the vendor who sold me The Stinky Cheese Man and he said he would refund me for the book but not the shipping. Well, I found it online for $0.01 and the shipping was $7. So I guess the jokes on me!

Anyways, I don’t think I will attempt to buy it again. What I read of the other short stories wasn’t all that grand.

Here is the continuation of my alphabet:


I also made some play dough for the boys yesterday. Trey is playing with it now as I type. I think I will keep searching for a better recipe. The one I used tends to crumble an awful lot. My mom had a Kool-Aid (Yuck!) recipe that I remember held up really well to play. dsc04513

My recipe is much softer than the modeling clay they used to play with so it is still going to be used pretty frequently I imagine.


This morning we also did some string painting. The boys did well with string and feathers for a bit but then they decided that brushes were more efficient and finished their paintings that way.

I would love to get to the sewing store soon. I want to get some quilting fabric so I can make one of those cute flag banners for the kids’ bedroom. I also want to make a quilt since I found a great little tree quilting square on someone’s blog today.

I am still working out consistently (and feeling pretty sore some days). But I am losing weight! I can’t really tell how much since the battery in my scale is kaput but my pants feel quite a bit looser and I think that that is a better indicator anyways. If only I knew how to get rid of that baby belly now. LOL.

Today I start my first yoga class. I am pretty excited. Maybe I’ll even meet a few good people from my area.


    • withoutloveweallperish: 50 books for $10!! As a book lover, that sounds like Christmas come early! Lovely library set up, need to set up one of those for myself!
    • theworldismysoyster: Sure. Just none of my kids. :)
    • goobrobinson: Hi! I'd like to seek your permission if I can reuse one of your pictures for my next post? Specifically the second picture.