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Durian smells putrid and tastes putrid. Yuck!

I felt inspired to try one after one of the raw foodies I admire raved about them. I should have heeded the comment about the smell but curiosity got the best of me…again.

Like another blogger wrote about Durian, the spikes and stink should be enough for any mammal to STAY AWAY but humans have been known to avoid the warnings of mother nature. People eating rotten eggs and rotten cheese comes to mind. Ewww! Ha ha ha.

And inside you how the big the pods of flesh are. The other picture shows the large, odd shaped pit. You can also easily see from that same picture how creamy it is. The texture is not offensive at all. Just the smell and the taste. I didn’t even dare try to make a recipe out of the flesh. There’s $7.50 I am not getting back.

Some experiments you just regret. Well, not fully. I think that any experiment which causes you to learn something has some value.

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We try to experiment with new foods as often as we can. I was at the grocery store last night and they had some dragon fruit in stock. I had never had any before so I saw an opportunity.

Here is what it looks like:

It looked and was unappetizing. You live, you learn right?

And then I happened upon this little treat:

They are maple syrup (candy badness) filled mini ice cream cones.

I have been avoiding buying junk food altogether in the hopes of getting my kids to develop a taste for wholesome foods. When there are chips etc. in the house they don’t want carrot sticks. So I avoid the junk and they eat the veggies.

But I couldn’t resist this one because these were the exact treat that my grandmother used to give to me when I was just une petite fille in Quebec.

It gave me a chance to tell the boys a bit about what it was like growing up in Quebec and getting maple goodies and maple syrup (without paying a fortune). I am also hoping to take them to a Cabane de sucre thing in March. That would be a great thing for them to experience.

In celebration of the beautiful weather today I decided to crawl out of my house. I drove my husband back to work after his lunch break and then did groceries with the kids.

The kids were asking for all kinds of fruit today and I couldn’t say no to nutrition so we came home with six different kinds of fruit and we still had some at home.  (Well, even more since avocados and tomatoes are technically fruits)

Fruit never goes bad at my house though so I am not worried.

But we picked up two new fruits (some blood oranges and a starfruit) and some good oldies; bananas, frozen strawberries, mandarins (really good ones) and pears.

No one really cared for the starfruit save for Anna. It is a pretty addition to any salad though. I think that must be real reason for it’s popularity.

The other thing my grocery store had that I couldn’t resist was some lovely daffodil bulbs. Trey helped me transplant them into a slightly large pot and we will likely plant them on the farm when the spring really comes.

What a cheery flower. Just a pure ray of sunshine. I love little things like that.

Winter is still here for a while but I can’t help myself. Any little flower or whatever is extra cheery for me right now. Can’t wait for spring!

And the boys really miss the playground and walks.

And on the way home I heard Colbie Caillat’s song “Lucky” and I loved it. I had been on the fence about getting her newest album but I am off now. I am going to tell my husband I want it…today! Ha ha ha.


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