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I don’t get to post as much as I’d like these days. I guess I am just too busy working and living to document it all on here.

And we have been busy.

We have been:

1. Working: I am working full-time and even the hubby is pulling quite a bit of hours. But with all that we still manage to always have one of us home with the kids.

2. Cleaning: With our place on the market and us hoping for a quick sale we have been cleaning a lot. The yard, the shed, the floors, the dogs…even the kids seem to get dirty 30 minutes after you clean them.

3. Exercising: I have been working out very hard and I have been losing weight. I have hit a roadblock though and the last five to ten pounds are proving to be very difficult to burn off. Here are some pictures of the kids doing yoga with me:

4. Painting: We have been painting, making necklaces, colouring, crafting in general. The kids also really like play doh and moon sand. Here are some pictures of their play table (yesterday’s painting project):

5. Frolicking: Playing at the park, playing tennis, playing board games, wrestling on the couch, signing and dancing to Raffi and just generally enjoy the sunshine (when we get it) and fresh air.

6. Enjoying the little miracles: The Universe has been pretty good to us. My husband’s police recruitment is going well and we are nearing the end of it all. Through all the downs the ups come back around. And the ups are much more special. Also my computer seems to have miraculously healed itself. I had a very invasive virus on my computer that made it virtually impossible for me to even check my email much less blog and today my computer is clean, clear and back to its original speed. My anti-virus finally decided to do its job I guess??? And my washing machine broke on Sunday night but a friend who is moving and currently needing to unload one has been able to offer one to us at a VERY reasonable price. Thanks so much L!

7. Learning: We are all learning. I am trying to learn to be more patient with life and to be a better mother. I am far from the ideal mother and that frustrates me because I like to excel at everything I do. Mothering, though, has been the hardest task I have ever undertaken and I have much learning yet to do.

In general, I am happy with life. I can’t wait for our life to really get going though. We have been living in limbo for quite a while and I can’t wait to get some financial stability and to be back home again.


I have been off the radar these days. I have been really busy working, parenting, working out and occasionally socializing. I am ten pounds away from my ideal weight and I am looking great already! I am down another pant size and am starting to get some nice ab definition. My progress has been mostly documented on my other blog:

But even though this blog space has been relatively inactive we have not. We have done Easter egg hunts. We have played t-ball and both of the boys are signed up for t-ball this year.

We have played tennis and played at the park. We have gone for walks and observed a robin in the back yard. We have shopped, played at the library and built Lego structures.

We have played with buttons: 

And played with markers and loved our “baby.”

And painted:

And actually, we’ve done oh so much more. We levelled the back yard and are reseeding it. When that all comes in we have many plans to be out there for meals and for play.

My husband went to work late yesterday since they have varrying shifts (to get the most coverage of stakeholders) and had time to join me on my day out with the kids. He wanted to show them the amusement park at the mall and that turned into him wanting to take them on some rides. So we bought the boys a day pass and I spent the day taking them from ride to ride.

I took some pics on Kev’s cell phone since that’s all I had with me but I can’t find the cable to let me download them from his cell to my computer. When Kevin did come home from work yesterday he brought my digital camera with him but because I wanted some quiet time since the boys were nagging and whining every time I wanted to take a short break to run an errand and I still hadn’t accomplished what I had went to the mall to do in the first place.

So I let Kevin take them on more rides and left him in charge of the camera. I won’t go into details but he used an incompatible setting and I was left with one good photo. If I could figure out where the cable for his cell phone is I might be able to download some more but for now, this is it.

But the boys had a great time. And it was their first time going to an amusement park and they handled all of the rides they were allowed on like pros.

It was exciting to see them making these steps.

And Anna, she loved to wave at her brothers when they swung by. A good day overall except that I didn’t find what I was looking for at all! But oh well, not like I really have money to blow right now anyways.


I haven’t been able to really keep up on the posts like I used to but here is my week in pictures. Thank goodness it’s getting nice out! There were so many opportunities for great pics that were completely missed because I didn’t have my camera. Oh well…

New buds and a clay windchime. Each chime has the initials of one of the people in our immediate family.DSC05154DSC05150











Mom art time.

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    • withoutloveweallperish: 50 books for $10!! As a book lover, that sounds like Christmas come early! Lovely library set up, need to set up one of those for myself!
    • theworldismysoyster: Sure. Just none of my kids. :)
    • goobrobinson: Hi! I'd like to seek your permission if I can reuse one of your pictures for my next post? Specifically the second picture.