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Just as a side note: this is my 101 post. I missed my 1ooth!

These days my boys have been mastering their puzzle making skills. I was amazed to see Trey completing even new puzzles with ease and I was even more surprised when Joel started following suit. He had only been observing and helping Trey with the odd piece but now he is completing his own. *applause*

I have also had a little time to do some art. I am doing a do-it-yourself oil painting course and I am hoping to start doing portraits again.

The one on the left is an acrylic abstract and the one on the right is made with watercolour crayon on a human canvas. ūüôā


DSC06255Time is something I keep complaining I don’t have enough of but I am hoping to get some scrapbooking done this weekend. I am very behind.

And to wrap up with post:

I had made a sling for a pregnant friend a while back (view back to see it) and I thought for a shower gift I would make her a matching hand bag and put some cute books in it.




UGH! I had such great plans for my Monday…then the migraine arrived. It’s just as well as today was a dreary, rainy day and there wouldn’t have been much to enjoy outdoors anyways. But still…the residual headache I get after the episode is enough to ruin the rest of the day. Thank heavens I have such a wonderful husband. My Kevin took off from work so that he could take over the day’s child rearing so that¬†I could rest and recover.

It is hard enough dealing with the intense pain of the headache part of the migraine, it’s a whole other story when you literally can’t see straight and feel nauseated.

This is has finally encouraged me to try to give up chocolate. I know that chocolate over-consumption is the main trigger for my migraines. I’ll still drink my chocolate Silk but that is it!

Speaking of too much chocolate…this weekend was¬†the Easter weekend.

It was so beautiful outside and we tried to sneak outdoors as much as we could. My fantastic hubby cleaned up the yard so that we could all go play in there. We played some soccer and he even set up some make shift goal posts for soccer/football/whatever.

He also picked up some small, cheap water guns and we had a family mini-water fight.

While my mom was at my place she brought me a new art book. I often find that these books are full of overdone ideas but this one had lots of fun, original ideas that I am dieing to try out.

She also taught us a new craft.

dsc04873First you shave crayons onto a piece of paper (which is pre-folded in half) then you iron it. You need to place some fabric between the ironing board and the paper and the paper and the iron (this prevents your iron and ironing board from getting messy if the the crayon happens to (and most likely will) seep through the paper).

dsc04875When the crayons shaving are all melted you open the paper up and it makes these colourful blots.

The top one was my mom’s, the middle my own and the bottom one my sister’s.

They make lovely sun catchers.

I finished a larger felted bowl this weekend as well. It didn’t felt as I had wanted it to. I have guessed that it was because my needles were too small so I am knitting a new one with some larger needles. We’ll see how this one turns out.

I never thought I would ever knit but now I am even contemplating making a pair of socks. We’ll see…

And, in my last post I talked about how I couldn’t wait to make some cupcakes. Well, I found time to do that this weekend. I made the cappuccino cupcakes. They were very¬†good even though I didn’t get the icing right. I tried making it without agar (I couldn’t find any) and it seems to be a very essential part of the recipe. Oh well, next time I will choose an agar-free recipe.

Why am I bouncing in my chair with glee?

dsc04841Because I bought my very own copy of Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World. The recipes look so delicious that they kept me up last night! OK, not really but they certainly look so delicious that I am getting anxious to get my hands on some ingredients that I am short on and make about three batches of these bad boys.

I was showing Kev these last night and he was pretty enamoured by the cookie one and some of the ones with icing on the inside. He loves icing for those of you who don’t know Kevin that well. When I am done icing cakes etc. he will grab the bowl of icing, sit down with a spoon and eat the leftovers. Gross!

But yeah, I took a trip to the busier part of the city with the boys today and hit the clearance sales at Chapters and picked these up.


I was ready to dump knitting forever but I was so thrilled with my bowl yesterday that I have given knitting another chance and I am more eager to learn how to do some different kinds of projects.

I am also giddy because my sister is coming today which means we might be able to get some scrapbooking done. At least we will have someone to talk to whilest we knit.

I am hoping to do two more bowls and then maybe making something with the left overs. And L, I kind of thought that my multicoloured yarn is thick enough to use for felting so next time I see you I can give you some of the scraps and you’ll have some oranges, greens¬†and pinks etc.

There likely won’t be much learning and exploration (unschooling wise) until my sister gets here because I have a messy house that needs attention…again.

But for once I have the motivation for cleaning. Let’s hope Anna is OK playing on her own so that I can actually get some of what I need done done.

My sister taught me how to knit so that I could make those lovely felted bowls I keep seeing everywhere. I also saw patterns for felted purses etc. that looked really cool.

Anyways, so today I started looking at some online knitting sites and found one that had a video on circular knitting (using the four needles) and I self-taught myself to do the knits.

Here is my finished bowl before felting:


And here is my felted bowl:


Now I realize that the bowl is small, I just wanted to try a sample first, and I also realize that the bowl is not fully felted. I hand felted it and got lazy and left it semi-felted.

The next one I will let my washing machine do. Ha ha ha.


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